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Practice sessions & Meditation Talks
Sorrento, BC

Practice sessions

Time: Thursday at 6 pM
Location: Kitchener
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Only open for exisiting students of TWDD



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Meditation practices for Talismanic Wheel and Diamond Dharma meditation are still available for existing students who have done the beginner level. we are holding them virtually in Kitchener and in person at Sorrento, B.C. Participants will be encouraged to relax with the flow of movement and will receive a transmission of universal energy, or qi, to support their meditation practice.

New!US-based in San Diego meditation and dharma classes will be coming soon. Check out our dharma teacher in this area. Contact her if you are interested in learning meditation.

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Now available with English Sub-titles

CCTV Documentary CCTV (Chinese Central TV station) 2010 documentary
Chinese Legend:
Master Haikong and his human-centered Buddhism. Volunteers translated these videos to include English sub-titles so we can all benefit from the lessons and historical viewpoint of how TWDD came about in China and spread to the rest of the world. We were fortunate to have been included in this monumental documentary during our 2009 China visit. There are two episodes about 25 min. each, featuring the True Spirit of Buddhism, the trailblazer of Human-centered Buddhism - Venerable Shi Haikong. We hope you enjoy, feel free to leave comments.

TWDD Meditation Video Intro

Best to use earphones to hear the sound better Learn more about Mandala Place

About Fulong Dharma Centre

White Tower Temple BuddhaThe North American Fulong Dharma Centre is committed in providing ongoing support and guidance to all individuals in hopes to reducing life’s pain and suffering through meditation practice and Dharma teaching.  Through actively engaging in humanistic activities, the Dharma Centre will foster true altruism, peace and harmony that transcends all religions, race and culture. 

Various activities include, ongoing multi-level meditation courses, retreats, diversity through cultural events and historical perspectives through opportunities travelling to mainland China. Tricities & GTA residents welcome to join in and participate with our activities.  Learn more

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